M[ae]RKLIG aka Marie Dahlén is a Malmö-based artist with roots in the snowy north, the heart in the dirty South and with an interest in adventures.

What time is it?

..thats the right answer always!
Actually I’m kinda far from adventure right now. Trying to make grown up decisions and visiting my family but that’s a great thing. This year has so far been very promising. Not all the puzzle pieces fits together yet, but I’m starting to see some kind of road I think i should follow… speaking in metaphors. As I might have mentioned before i got a part time job at STPLN taking care of their screen print studio, which is great fun. And my studies in moving pictures is quit easy so far. I just haven’t figured out what I will do next. 
Oh and I get to be half time dog owner now. I’m taking care of this adorable chihuahua named Chano. It’s an great opportunity since my economy won’t allow me to have my own dog just yet. 
Anyhow, I don’t have anything new to show, but I thought maybe I should make some kind of life signs here as well. I keep my instagram pretty frequently updated but I tend to forget to post here even thou I should do it more often. Need to redo my official brands webpage at some point. Why isn’t my time unlimited and why don’t I have the superpower to freeze time?!! Will update soon with new stuff that i need to finish first!

Back from adventures and confused as always

Actually I was gonna call this entry Blue Monday, but then i realized its not monday. Ive been away from the week-system-thing too long now. But I bought a blue sweater today and leopard socks to celebrate my new part time job which is awesome but still a bit secret. 
Tomorrow is also first day in school for me in many years. I’m gonna do a moving pictures course at Malmö Högskola at half time this spring. 
Very exited about that, meeting new people and learning new stuff is always good stuff.
Otherwise i just came back from a fantastic week of powder snow in the french mountains. As always my eyes teared up on the bus on the way home, it sucks to be living in a town without snow and without mountains. But thats just how it is now. I got to try my new painted board, the clear coating was actually holding up good. Only a few scratches under the bindings but i kinda knew that was gonna happen cuz it always does.
Lots of good off-piste runs, rocks and luckily no avalanches.  
Couldn’t have been better, life rocks! Peace out!


Ps: posting some pictures of my pow pow in next post! For your eyes to feast upon.


In about 2 h I’m heading to the french alps for one week of sweet pow pow cocaine, powder, fluff, off pist snowboarding or whatever you call it. Having some kind of flue and feel tired just by standing up but I’m sure I’m gonna be ok. Can’t be sick now, too excited!! So I’m just gonna ignore that. 
I have my new powder board (Step Child) that I bough in the end of last season and never had the opportunity to try so still a bit nervous its to long for me or something. And since I’ve repainted the top side of it I’m also a bit worried about the clear coating. Will it hold or will it just crack and destroy my board..
I’ll check in with more pictures and updates on that later next week. 



Welcome year 2014 you’ll be the best year so far Im sure!

To all my followers, my friends, my family and all you other weirdoes out there, hope you have a sparkly year full of creativity, happiness and dreams to chase.
I have not made any new years resolutions this year, or I have, but its more like long term goals for the future. And maybe I wont make all of them true this year but I’ll sure I’m gonna do my best to make some of them reality. 
I’ve been up in the north with my family for almost a month now and tomorrow I’m heading back to the south, back to my studio and back to painting.
It’s been a good break for reflection and I’ve been able to get some more boring (but important!) work done, like doing all the paperwork that comes with freelancing. 
I have also been able to spend much time with my grandparents which I’m very grateful for. And I have cuddled with dogs and cats. Perfect christmas break. 


Exhibition at Sugar Ditch

So exited for tomorrow. Just got home from the studio and almost all the preparations are done. I even got to borrow a car from a friend so I don’t have to carry all the things in this snowstorm. Yay what a relief.
I’ve realised that I really really like to do exhibitions, I haven’t even finished one before I start thinking of what I want to do for the next one. Already have a place and month for the next, and thought I might do a more personal exhibition , I mean it was a while since I did a self portrait. And we all know that artists really just want to paint themselves. All the time. But I will continue with exhibitions for sure , starting small and slowly slowly doing bigger things. Only difference for next year is that I will have to start working part time or study at the same time so I can afford doing this. But enough of that , it will work out in the end.
Now I’m gonna enjoy some good nights sleep.


Oh yeah! For all you Malmö people: 
Heres the fb event for next Saturday! The time is not 100 % sure, but 7/12  around 19.00 at Sugar Ditch ( http://www.sugarditch.se/ ) , DeFEcT ( https://soundcloud.com/defectroyal ) will play music, you’ll be able to check out my boards and paintings. There will probably be a lot of cool people to hang out with and talk to so grab your friend and be there!


Dream hacking would be cool

I thought i check in with some christmas present tips for y’all. First I wanted to say that I closed down my Tictail and moved over to Etsy. Any thoughts on this? Which one is better? I just got so annoyed that I never had time to fix it the way i wanted my store to look on Tictal and also you seem to get more hits on Etsy since your stuff shows up in google searches. I might open up Tictail again later if people prefer that but right now it just seems confusing to have two.

So present tips! Of course i would be over-happy (if theres such a word) if you all clicked in on my store and bought some of my stuff because then i might be able to continue to do what i do and that would be wonderful!

It would also make me super happy if you clicked in on my sisters Etsy store and bought some presents from there. I would think it was wonderful if she could continue doing what she does as well. She is super talented street wear designer. You know those clothes that looks fancy but at the same time is so cozy you never want to wear anything else. Thats the stuff she does.

Now I have some packing to do, we are going to dream hack this weekend to watch the dota thing, I’m really not that in to dota, never even played it. But I think it will be fun, I probably just gonna be lurking around hopefully find some nice things to buy or watch.